"Green Sunday" campaign attracts youth to clean the environment
  • | Nhan Dan | April 17, 2017 05:06 PM
With a strong sense of responsibility for a green and clean capital city, young volunteers from the National Charity Club joined hands to remove waste from Hanoi’s To Lich River on April 16.

This was the fifth "Green Sunday" campaign run by the National Charity Club, aiming for a greener Hanoi. (Credit: NDO)

Joint efforts and co-operation were the core of the volunteering campaign “Green Sunday” initiated by the club to clean up the capital city and disseminate information to each household on proper ways of disposing garbage.

Every two weeks, on Sunday morning, the club members join hands to clean up the environment and remove rubbish in the city. Not only cleaning the environment on both banks of the river, rubbish found on the To Lich river-bed was also collected.

In the previous four campaigns, the programme attracted hundreds of volunteers. On the morning of April 16, more than 400 volunteers took part in cleaning up a 5 km section along the To Lich River from Hoang Quoc Viet Street to Trung Hoa Bridge.

The club chairman, Nguyen Van Toi, said that this section was the main drainage channel of the city’s urban waste water drainage system, which is suffering serious environmental pollution that affects the life of local people. In the next several campaigns, members of the club will continue picking up garbage and cleaning the entire length of the To Lich River, he affirmed.

James Joseph Kendall, an American English teacher who became a familiar face in the public spotlight after retrieving trash from polluted ditches in Hanoi in 2015, also joined the "Green Sunday" event on April 16. James was enthusiastic and meticulous in waste collection along the To Lich River with hundreds of other volunteers.

Garbage bags collected by volunteers were gathered for further disposal.

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