Foreign visitors clean Nha Trang beach
  • | dtinews.vn | December 19, 2018 02:37 PM
Dozens of foreign visitors gathered to collect rubbish at a beach near Pham Van Dong Street in Nha Trang City on December 18.

According to a French woman, they were tourists coming from different countries including the US, the UK, Russia and France and joined a group on Facebook to clean the beaches in Nha Trang.

"Earlier we came to clean a beach near Tran Phu Street before coming here," she said. "The beaches have been covered in many kinds of rubbish following the recent floods."

Another member named Scott from the UK said that Nha Trang is a beautiful city with many wonderful beaches but some of them have been polluted by rubbish, especially plastic bags and bottles.

"These kinds of rubbish will harm the marine environment so we come to collect them," he said.

Nearly ten large bags containing rubbish were gathered and taken away in an hour.

This is not the first time foreign tourists were seen cleaning the beaches in Nha Trang. In May this year, a group of Russian tourists also came to collect rubbish around Hon Chong Island.

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