Hanoi urges To Lich waste treatment project speeds up
  • | tienphong, dtinews.vn | February 05, 2020 03:57 PM
Hanoi chairman Nguyen Duc Chung has demanded faster construction of a wastewater treatment plant project to revive the To Lich River.


The construction site of Yen Xa Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

The chairman of Hanoi People's Committee asked the management board of construction and investment projects of water supply, drainage and environment and the contractors to speed up the process of the Yen Xa Wastewater Treatment Plant Project.

Chung conducted a field inspection on February 4. Yen Xa Wastewater Treatment Plant will play an important role in dealing with the pollution of the To Lich River. The project covers 4,874 ha. A plant will have the capacity to deal with 270,000 cubic metres a day. A drainage system will be built to collect wastewater which is being directly discharged into To Lich and Lu rivers and new urban areas in Ha Dong District.

The project costs over JPY61bn (USD557m), 85% of which would be from Japanese ODA loan.

According to experts, about 150,000 cubic metres of household wastewater are discharged into To Lich River daily. One of the most difficult tasks is how to deal with the mud. In 2019, the Japan Environment and Business Organisation started a project to clean up a part of To Lich River and West Lake. However, the project was modest in its results.

Director of Hanoi Department of Transport Le Van Duc said they were considering three plans to clean up To Lich River and the plan to build a drainage system to direct all wastewater to Yen Xa Plant is considered the most viable.

Chung said Yen Xa Plant would help ease the environmental pollution in the city, save To Lich River and improve the living conditions of the nearby households. Yen Xa Plant will treat wastewater from seven districts in Hanoi including wastewater discharged into To Lich River.

He went on to say that with some changes in the construction process, the project would be able to be completed in 2021. The drainage system packages can be started by late February.

"The Yen Xa Project must not be stagnant," he said.

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