Severe erosion threatens Hau River
  • | dtinews.vn | July 23, 2020 12:57 PM
Dozens of households in An Giang Province are being threatened by erosion along the Hau River.


Erosion by Hau River

On July 22, Luong Huy Khanh from the Steering Committee for Climate Change Response - Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue in An Giang confirmed that two erosion spots that are 300 metres long in total had occurred at Hau River and Canal 10 two days earlier affecting 44 households.

A strip of land that was 90 metres long had eroded in Vinh Thuan Hamlet, adjacent to the old erosion spots that occurred on July 3. In total, Vinh Thuan lost a small land that was 170 metres long and seven metres deep. The erosion spots are only 80 metres away from the national highway.

Also on July 20, another erosion that ate four metres into the land had occurred in Thanh An Hamlet and affected six households. The new erosion is also next to the previous erosion spot that occurred in 2019. More erosion may continue to occur in the future.

According to Khanh, both of the erosion spots are in the vulnerable areas that have been warned by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and there was no fatality. As the erosion continues to get worse, it has affected 44 households and two carpentry workshops.

On July 22, Chau Phu District People's Committee and Vinh Thanh Commune People's Committee have started to relocate 25 households to new settlement areas. They are still working with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to have a relocation plan for another 19 households and detect new danger zones.

The local authorities have put up warning signs and monitored the development. Initial assessments show that the erosion may be caused by the tides, weak ground and long rains.

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