Vietnam to plant 1 billion trees by the end of 2025
  • | dtinews.vn | April 07, 2021 06:32 AM
The prime minister has approved a programme to plant one billion trees from 2021 to 2025 with 690 million trees in the urban areas and 310 million trees in the protection forests.


Vietnam to plant 1 billion trees by the end of 2025

The programme needs collaboration from the authorities, organisations and individuals. The government will call for funds and combine them with socio-economic projects. More trees will also be planted in rural areas, along the roads, industrial zones and tourist sites to ensure that there are enough green spaces.

The trees must be selected carefully to be suitable for each locality. In the rural areas, trees will be planted near the fields, canals, religious facilities, schools and places vulnerable to erosion and desertification.

The authorities will plant 180ha of forest in or 62 million trees per year. Different trees will be planted in different forests including protection forests and production forests.

182 million trees will be planted in 2021. From 2022 to 2025, about 204.5 million trees will be planted per year.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was asked to work with the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and local authorities to build five-year and annual detailed plans.

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