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More pedestrian streets in Hanoi Old Quarter proposed
  • | | October 03, 2019 04:57 PM
Authorities of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, have proposed turning more local streets and lanes in the Old Quarter into pedestrian areas.

The list consists of Cau Go, Dinh Liet, Hang Be, Gia Ngu, O Quan Chuong and Dao Duy Tu streets and Cau Go and Trung Yen lanes.

The proposal will be submitted to municipal authorities for consideration.

Earlier, at a meeting to review the three-year pilot operation of Hanoi’s pedestrian streets, the city people’s committee noted that it was necessary to have more such streets in the south of the Old Quarter to ease problems around Hoan Kiem Lake.

Some photos of the streets considered to be turned into pedestrian areas:

O Quan Chuong Street, the shortest street in Hanoi with the length of just 75 metres 

Linked with O Quan Chuong is Dao Duy Tu Street which is home to many shops and bars 


Dinh Liet Street links Hoan Kiem Lake into the Old Quarter 

Cau Go Street 

Several large hotels are located on Gia Ngu Street 

Hang Be Street has lots of souvenir shops 


Trung Yen Lane is very small, linking Gia Ngu and Dinh Liet streets. Home stay and food stalls there attract many visitors 

Cau Go Lane is among Hanoi’s places where lures many international tourists

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